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Their members were specifically concerned that students with disabilities were "monopolizing an inordinate amount of time and resources and, in some cases, creating violent classroom environments" (Sklaroff, 1994, p. They further cite that when inclusion efforts fail, it is frequently due to "a lack of appropriate training for teachers in mainstream classrooms, ignorance about inclusion among senior-level administrators, and a general lack of funding for resources and training" (p. One additional concern of the AFT and others (Tornillo, 1994; Leo, 1994) is a suspicion that school administration motives for moving toward more inclusive approaches are often more of a budgetary (cost-saving) measure than out of a concern for what is really best for students.

However, some parents of children with disabilities and others have serious reservations about inclusive educational practices.This statement begins with a strong endorsement for a continuum of services to be available to children, youth, and young adults with disabilities.It is only after making the point quite clear that services to the disabled, including various placement options besides the regular classroom, are to be tailored to individual student need that the policy actually addresses inclusion.The concept of inclusion is a meaningful goal to be pursued in our schools and communities ...[C]hildren, youth, and young adults with disabilities should be served whenever possible in general education classrooms in inclusive neighborhood schools and community settings.

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