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A minimum setback of 7.18 metres from the water’s edge to a proposed covered deck and steps whereas a setback of 30 metres is required.

A pattern recognition apparatus according to claim 1 wherein said matching determination means (e) includes means for identifying the position and the attitude of the polygonally-approximately region from relative position information aboutsaid patterns.13.

A pattern recognition apparatus according to claim 14 wherein said outline extracting means (b) includes:outline extracting means for determining a start point of scan based on said position information of said representative point, sequentially scanning the outline pixels of the object region on the image and determining center coordinates of saidoutline pixels; andan outline memory for storing said center coordinates.16.

A pattern recognition apparatus according to claim 15 wherein said polygonal approximation means (c) includes:polygonal approximation means for polygon-approximating the sequence of said center coordinates within a predetermined allowable error range, to polygon-approximate said object region and sequentially determining the vertex coordinates; anda polygonal approximation information memory for storing said vertex coordinates.17.

FAILURE TO ATTEND HEARING – If you do not attend at the hearing it may proceed in your absence and, except as otherwise provided in the Planning Act, you will not be entitled to any further notice in the proceedings.

NOTICE OF DECISION – A copy of the decision of the committee will be sent to the applicant and to each person who appeared in person or by counsel at the hearing and who has filed with the secretary-treasurer a written request for notice of decision.

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