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Increased energy I never realized how much energy goes into the dating process.In the past I would have diluted my available daily energy by spending energy on dating sites, chatting with women online, going on dates and worrying about how I looked. I had more energy for life and more energy to fix what I needed to within my mind and heart to heal.I desperately wanted to feel safe and I had finally learned that I needed to create this for myself, within myself.

My history of dating was stark proof that I kept attracting the same type of relationship that was unhealthy and not serving my greater good.There are many more benefits that I have gained from no sex and no dating, and I am grateful to have finally changed how I was living so that I could GROW. I will have a much better chance at succeeding in a relationship again because I have learned how to love and accept myself completely. More information and lesser known sites are on their way!If you have time take advantage of the free days to a lot of the sights.

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