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Patterns of transition in economy and trade throughout the Late Antique, early medieval, and Islamicate Mediterranean, Freie Universität Berlin (planned 4.-7.10.17)Invited Expert, Seminar “Application Procedures in Select International Academic Systems“, Pro Fil Professional Training for Women in Research and Teaching, supported by Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt Universität, and Technische Universität Berlin (2/18/16), The Seventh International Society of Arabic Papyrology (ISAP) conference, co-organized with the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Humboldt Universität, Papyrus Collection of the Egyptian Museum, Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz.Referee for endowed chairs: University of Exeter (2016), Edinburgh University (2015); Georgetown University (2013), University of Oxford (2011), University of Cambridge (2012).This is designed for learners who are learning Arabic as a foreign language.The aim is to develop an ability to use the language effectively for purposes of practical communication.An accompanying project is an online edition of all the books and book fragments of the ninth century, with an analysis of their layout and material data. A handbook for rulers and courtiers, its didactic content is conveyed in animal fables, reaching both courtly and popular audiences.In another study, Gruendler treated parallels between Aristotle's aphorism and verses by the poet al-Mutanabbī (d. Nearly two hundred versions of the work exist, and its translations were fundamental in the genesis of European literatures and political thought.Outside Examiner for: Arabic program, University of Connecticut at Storrs (1999-2004). She contributed a study on the theory of love, using the example of the disease of the hearts (.Reviewer of international conference proposals for: European Science Foundation (since 2008). Gruendler devoted a colloquium to the relationship between ruling and literature, which was published with Louise Marlow, Wellesley College under the title ), which illustrate the often practical use of poetry in the ninth century, as well as the prevailing cultural aesthetics and the role of philologists as poetry experts. The ideas debated there inspired the concept of an introduction to Arabic literature that Gruendler wrote together with Verena Klemm and Barbara Winckler, University of Münster for the volume , and which highlights the main development currents of this literature, which has been living for fourteen centuries (Eds. The flourishing book culture in the Middle East of the ninth century, supported by the introduction of the paper and the development of Arabic as a cosmopolitan language, caused profound transformations in knowledge, teaching, and publishing practices, and throughout the literary work, all of which had previously been oral.

Supplement to the Project Clarin-D of Leipzig University (two-year preparation phase of a comprehensive proposal to the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF))Scientific Board of the international conference The Eighth Century.

The course is based on the linked language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing, and these are built on as learners progress through their studies.

The syllabus also aims to offer insights into the culture and civilisation of countries where Arabic is spoken, thus encouraging positive attitudes towards language learning and towards speakers of foreign languages.

Collection and investigation of the design of the two-dimensional "writing space" nd the manner in which it was applied during the time of the Arabic book revolution in order to structre and represent information.

AS Roma today unveiled its new Arabic-language website:

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