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The artistic decorations of its interior still retain much of their original magnificence. It was occupied by one member or another of the family up to the year 1853, when, some little time after the death of John Whaley, it became the property of Cardinal Cullen, and is now the Catholic University of Ireland.Here he disposed of all his remaining estates for the discharge of his personal debts, and with the surplus, which amounted to about five thousand pounds, true to the spirit of gambling to which he had always been a ready slave, he resolved to try his fortune at play, and either retrieve himself or complete his ruin. This cargo for the Holy Land, Bears, lap-dogs, monkeys. The gang was now within pistol shot of us, when it was proposed that we should [halt] and wait their coming up : this was agreed on by all, except the impatient Pauolo, who was for giving them the first fire, and then by impetuously rushing on them to disperse and put them into confusion." The latter," he says, " was my fate, for in one winter I lost ten thousand pounds, which obliged me to sell all my own jewels, and those I had given to my companion in PREFACE. Then came French valets two and two, By garhck you'd have smelt the crew ; And large as any Shetland hog, Came Watch, the black Newfoundland dog. With heavy heart mov'd on To see his friend begone. Against the council Whalley went Of brother-in-law Fitz Petulant,' And Mr. However, he obeyed my injunctions, which were not to attack until the party's intentions should appear hostile.Some little time ago, by a lucky accident, I happened to purchase in a London auction room what I recognised to be an interesting example of Irish binding, in the characteristic style of decoration common in Dublin at the close of the eighteenth Century, consisting of two handsome 4to volumes of manuscript bound in red morocco, inlaid and tooled in gold, and lettered on the back " Travels by T. Moore, his fellow-traveller; and, as a feet, the greater portion of the trip was accomplished on ship- board. ^ Hugh Moore, Whaley's travelling-companion on the journey to Jeru- salem and back, of Eglantine House and Mount Panther, co. Later on, after having spent some time in Italy, he returned to Paris, where he remained until after the trial and death of Louis XVL Here, in the interests of safety, he was obliged to part company with his lady companion. After investigation of the contents — in which I was materially assisted by Mr. The work is in all likelihood in the handwriting of an amanuensis, being written throughout in copper-plate of an extremely clear and readable type ; and the whole is in an excellent state of preservation. 3 6 rf a P C " 2 t3 2i ^ o " _« ttt r-, ^ Cj3 S-O -[ g I. being most serious in this desire, and expecting a suitable returne there unto, " I rest your lovinge Father « Oliver P. ' What purports to be a portrait of Whaley at a later date, by the name of " The Jerusalem Pilgrim," will be found at p. Stephen's Green, South ; son John, after his father's death, passed patent under the Acts of Settle- ment (Lodge, Peerage of Ireland, vi. I have not been able to discover the relationship, if any, of Richard Whaley (husband of Eliz''. Many of their names have come down to us, as Buck English,' Buck Sheehy and various others. ^ This English was one of the most extraordinary characters of his day. For a description of Bucks, Macaronis, Jessa- mies, etc., see Ashton, Old Times, p. Another gathering-place for the aristocracy and Members of Parliament was Daly's Club in College Green, where extravagant scenes of gambling and dissi- pation were constantly being enacted. Notable amongst the gentry of the time was a class called " Bucks," whose whole enjoyment and the busi- ness of whose life seemed to consist in eccentricity and violence. quarters at Kilakee on the hills outside Dublin in nightly revels defied both God and man.' " Lucas's," the celebrated cof Fee-house, was then a favourite resort of the idle and wealthy, and was par- ticularly patronised by Bucks whose intolerable insolence was shown to all persons of lower rank than themselves.

The unknown owners had been appealed to from time to time, by persons interested in the social history of Ireland during the latter portion of the eighteenth century, to make their contents public,'' but such suggestions do not seem to have reached the ears of those for whom they were intended. They arrived again in Dublin in June or stipulation by Whaley himself, or by Capt. Ciofton Croker, in his Memoirs of Joseph Holt, General of the Irish Rebels in 1 798, appends a long note in reference to Buck Whaley's performances, which I include in the Appendix. He raised, and was Colonel of, the Eglantine Yeomanry during the Irish Rebellion of 1798, at which time he served as A. He gives some interesting particulars concerning both.

lll Ba S,."="'olrs : 3 1924 028 518 730 Cornell University Library The original of tliis book is in tine Cornell University Library. The contents are, however, in a sense wrijten anonymously, the lettered title on the backs of the bound volumes being merely " Travels by T. vii This is in the copy of the Certificate given to him by the Superior of the Convent at Nazareth which bears writness to his having visited that city in March, 1789.' Whaley's sudden death at an early age may have inter- fered with the publication of the Memoirs, but the idea of making them public does not seem to have been abandoned even after his death, for there are many indi- cations in the manuscripts themselves which strongly support the theory that the first volume at least was prepared for the printer. 8 pat that he was born in 1768 is obviously an error. ' The pedigree of the Whaley family, so far as I have been able to extract it from the many conflicting statements found in the authorities quoted at the end of this note, seems to have been as on next page : — Vll I PREFACE. 3-d 'o S ■^ * ° S 3 o " ^ ■^ V, 2 " -T3 O 60 C _q p^ rt TU U rt ^T* C ? ix was twice married ; first, in 1727, to Catherine, daughter of Robert Armitage, who died without issue ; and secondly, in 1759, when at an advanced age, to Anne, Henry Whaley, son of Edward the Regicide, came to Ireland in 1658 with a letter of introduction from Oliver Cromwell to Henry Cromwell, then Lord Deputy. 9 of the Town and Country Magazine for 1789, and beside it a representation of a London Fille de Chambre^ whose history is given in the accompanying article. On the loth of February, 1785, when he was only eighteen years old, he was elected a member of the Irish House of Commons,' taking his seat for Newcastle in the county of Dublin, which place he represented until 1790. It is a curious feature of his Memoirs that he has extremely little to say in reference to his parliamentary life ; but it is possible that he paid but small attention to his duties as a legislator so long as there was anything else to offer attractions of a more diverting kind ; and as a matter of fact he was absent from Ireland for a con- siderable portion of the time during which he had a seat in the Irish House. Henry Green (Man- chester, 1887), author of Shakspert and the Emblem Writers. xix A restless curiosity next led him to Paris, where the Revolution was then in progress.

There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. Buck Whaley's Memoirs INCLUDING HIS JOURNEY TO JERUSALEM WRITTEN BY HIMSELF IN 1 797 AND NOW FIRST PUBLISHED FROM THE RECENTLY RECOVERED MANUSCRIPT Edited, with Introduction and Notes, BY Sir EDWARD SULLIVAN, Bart. W.," while on the written title-page within the author describes himself by initials only, and in the body of the work the identity of the principal persons mentioned is sought to be concealed in a like way. In it are found occasional erasures, while other words have been superadded in a different hand, obviously with a view to toning down some personal revelations which were calculated to hurt the surviving members of the family. Wicklow, 1747-60, a man of considerable property and of ancient descent, whose ancestors had settled in Ireland in the time of Oliver Cromwell, to whom, indeed, two of them were closely related.' This Richard Chapell Whaley 1 See post, p. It does not fit in with other statements which he makes elsewhere, nor with the inscription on his tombstone. She may possibly be the female acquaintance mentioned at pp. At a later date, in 1797, he was elected for Enniscorthy ; and continued M. It was at this period of his career that the well-known journey to Jerusalem was undertaken. July, 1789, and their return was celebrated by the lighting of bonfires through the city by the excited populace.i Whaley then " produced such incontestable proofs of having accomplished his arduous undertaking " that his friends were obliged reluctantly to pay him a sum of fifteen thousand pounds.'' This left him seven thousand pounds to the good after defraying the expenses of the expedition ; " the only instance," to use his own words, " in all my life before in which any of my projects turned out to my advantage."' He remained in Dublin upwards of two years, engaged largely in gambling, only to find in the end that there was a considerable balance against him. His experiences in the French capital at that dangerous time are highly in- teresting, and are detailed with his usual openness.

The work was obviously compiled with a view to publication during the lifetime of the writer, who refers to his intention to publish it by subscription ;^ but the statement which has been made in many quarters, that the author had left directions to his executors to print the Memoirs, is not supported by anything to be found in his will, which may be seen at the Public Record Office in Dublin. Hee is excellent in the Latine, ffrench, and Italiane toungues, of good other learninge w*** partes suitable, and (w*=** compleates this testimonie) is hopefully seasoned with religious principles, lett him be much w'^ you, and use him as yr owne. Henry Whaley, the Judge Advocate, in this way became seized of several denominations of land in the liberties of Galway and also in the barony and liberties of Athenry, for which his X PREFACE. He does not himself mention the names of his Irish boon companions in the orgies that went on nightly in his Dublin house ' — but from other sources it is known that he was on terms of close intimacy with Francis Higgins, the notorious Sham Squire, and with Lord Clonmell, and that the three were frequently to be seen disporting themselves on the Beaux Walk in Stephen's Green during the hours in which persons of fashion in Dublin were accustomed to take the air. Buck Whaley must have presented a striking figure on such occasions. Lord Cloncurry, writing in 1849, describes him as having been " a perfect specimen of the Irish gentleman of the olden time." He had not, however, yet reached this high level of good looks when the portrait was painted which I am enabled to reproduce through the kindness of Mr. Stephen's Green, which remained the property of his mother until her death, when it passed to her then eldest surviving son, John Whaley.

O., of the Public Record Office, Dublin (to whom I am indebted for much other valuable aid and information) — I discovered that these volumes were the original manuscript Memoirs of Thomas Whaley so long missing, and which, as I have learned from enquiries since made, seem to have been for many years passing from hand to hand amongst English book-collectors, their preservation in all probability being attributable rather to their gold-tooled covers than to the more or less anonymous story which they contained. I assure you though hee bee soe neerly to us as you know, yett I would not importune on his behalfe soe heartily as now I can upon the scoare of his owne worth, w*^"* indeed is as remark- able as I believe in any of ten thousand of his yeares. John Whaley, a few days before the date of the above letter, had incurred the Protector's displeasure by fighting a duel with the Earl of Chesterfield, in consequence of which both combatants were committed to the Tower. Whaley, dated 15th June, 1658, to Cromwell, contains a touching reference to the writer's recent marriage : " [He] would submit to his confinement were he alone concerned, but he has newly entered into a condition wherein his suffering will as nearly become another's affliction as his own and is anxious to avoid the un- happiness which a longer separation may produce." Another document set out in the State Papers {Ireland^ 1647- 1660. 700), mentions him as " being displaced for deboistnesse." Many members of the Whaley family are described in contemporary records as being interested as Adventurers in the double ordinance and as getting grants of land in Ireland. The offspring of the second marriage were : (i) Richard Chapell, who died young. (5) Susanna, who married Sir James Stewart, Bart., of Fort Stewart. John Fitzgibbon, afterwards Earl of Clare and Lord Chancellor of Ireland. Publi- cations, 1871); Familia Minorum Gentium,vo\. — Huish (Robt.) Memoirs of George the Fourth, Lond., 1831, i. ' The Dublin Hell-fire Club does not seem to have been open to the admission of lady members, a privilege which was allowed occasionally in similar institutions in England. Delany's Autobiography and Correspondence^ vi, 162. '^ "The god of cards and dice has a temple, called Daly's, dedicated to his honour in Dublin, much more magnificent than any temple to be found in that city dedicated to the God of the Universe." — Extract from a writer in 1794 quoted in Gilbert's History of Dublin^ iii., 39. It was probably about this time that he won his spurs as a Buck. This was apparently taken when he was still a boy.' ^ Buck Whaley was never the owner of the mansion in St.

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From this unpleasant position, after an ineffectual attempt at gaol-breaking, he was released by his brother- in-law, the Irish Lord Chancellor, who happened to be in town at the time. My servant Pauolo and a janissary came next, my Irish servant and another ianissary afterwards, and close behind followed our baggage.

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