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The three vampires must define their new roles in the coven. Alice suffers a momentarily lapse of common sense and is caught shoplifting.

Warning: Discipline fiction, spanking - Corporal Punishment Emmett's light hearted scheme to liven up his siblings lives takes a wrong turn landing the group in question in hot water. Carlisle is confused and most certainly not pleased. The Cullen's just moved to Forks and Edward isn't exactly thrilled about it. When Edward's talent of reading minds becomes too much for him to handle, Edward decides to skip school fully convinced that his coven leader won't find out. WARNING: CONTAINS CORPORAL PUNISHMENT/DISCIPLINARY SPANKING OF AN ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD.

Can they protect her from all who seek her for themselves?

From finding out her special abilities(some cool, some not) to getting imprinted on, life for a 13-year-old immortal human couldn't be further from ordinary. Seth XOCThis story is my AU intro to Cullen discipline. They cannot go back to how they were, as Carlisle cannot leave himself and Esme exposed to another Edward tantrum and the pain it caused them.

Be polite, courteous, considerate and well-mannered, and you will soon see such an attitude from your child.

• Make sure that you use good manners and a respectful tone when correcting disrespectful behaviour.

Instead, take your child aside and describe the behaviour you disapproved of and provide guidance.

For example, “I noticed you ignored the librarian when she asked you to stop talking. Either you can act more politely or we will have to leave story-time.” Children learn how to respond appropriately by watching and imitating those around them. The most effective way to get your child to act respectfully is to treat them with respect and also to let them see you act respectfully towards other people. • Let your child know exactly what behaviour is not acceptable by including statements about respectful behaviour in your house rules eg “No swearing”, “at dinner time, we sit nicely at the table”.

However, things don't go according to plan, and she finds herself in a cell in Port Angeles. WARNING: Contains disciplinary spanking, so don't read if this bothers you!

Being frustrated by limitations and wanting to test limits. • Ignore minor disrespectful behaviour such as backchat or sulking.

Realising that being disrespectful gets a reaction: laughs, shouting, shock – either way it’s attention. Feeling they are being treated unfairly or are not being listened to.

She is disrespectful and constantly fighting with Edward. WARNING: Contains disciplinary spanking of teenage vamp!

The Cullens adopt a child who's delicious, never-ending blood supply becomes the most sought after prize in vampire history.

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For example, “Thank you for waiting for me to finishing talking on the phone before asking me for a drink.” Or, “I noticed that you asked your brother before taking his toy. • Keep an eye on the type of communication your child is exposed to.

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