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While this is not love in the conventional sense, it makes perfect sense to me.My slowly developed love for Madrid—10 years in the making—reflects this search for a lifelong mate. The collaboration was teased on January 4 when Lucas tweeted about the two working together. Lol well Me and @chrisbrown got a lot of heat in the oven,” Lucas wrote.

My mother and father, both born in the Philippines, move to the United States and meet one another, or 2. But I’m not interested here in distinguishing what was what in my own timeline.

And so, I thrive on writing story fragments; I rarely craft endings.

I recognize and am comforted by themes that guide my life—from juxtaposition to unreliable memory—but don’t understand why they’re significant.

How I read this painting is how I write: moments, scenes, even entire chapters of a narrative don’t quite make sense during the writing process.

Inspired by nonlinear scripts——I write in fragments, hoping to see light pushing through the cracks in the deep, dark cave that is my mind; betting that these narrative threads connect in the end.

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At the start of 2011, I live in Brooklyn, work in publishing and bartend on the side, and date periodically, or 3. In eighth grade, my parents decided to enroll me in the private, Catholic, all-female high school down the road from the public high school that all my middle school friends would attend. It’s an eerie, ever-changing online tapestry of our past decisions, a record of coincidences and intersections with others, and a chart suggestive of future connections.

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