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Sandy told her husband, Bill, that she was having her bull over for the evening.

Being brought to tears from the spanking and then being further humiliated as my penis stiffened was pleasurable for me. During that time Sandy cried out with pleasure as she experienced three orgasms. He pushed in with all his might and exploded with his own climax.

Jim told Bill to now clean Sandy’s cum filled cunt. She climbed over his head and lowered her cunt to his face.

Bill went to the bed; climbed between her legs and lowered his face to her oozing pussy. He extended his tongue and scooped up Jim’s manly cum. He really enjoyed the texture, taste and smell of their combined juices. Just as she got in the perfect spot, she pushed and a huge amount of Jim’s potent cum gushed out of her cunt and into Bill’s mouth. Bill swallowed and continued to lick his wife’s pussy. Soon Sandy was shaking and experiencing her fourth orgasm. She looked down to see her husband’s face covered with liquid.

Jim’s huge balls were smacking up against his chin and neck. His legs were shaky and his hands shook as he bent over Jim’s legs.

Jim’s erect cock was between Bill’s hip and Jim’s stomach.

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