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Though Kendall and Jones are very discreet in how they dealt with purity/impurity, for a sheltered girl, it might raise questions.' SEORANG WANITA TIDAKLAH MENJADI SEORANG WANITA SAAT IA DINIKAHI SEORANG PRIA, MENGANDUNG SEORANG ANAK, DAN MENCUCI PAKAIANNYA, BAHKAN TIDAK JUGA WAKTU IA BERGABUNG DENGAN GERAKAN PEMBEBASAN KAUM WANITA.SEORANG WANITA MENJADI SEORANG WANITA SAAT IA MENJADI SEPERTI APA YANG TUHAN INGINKAN.You must take your thoughts to Jesus and leave them in His capable hands." (P.130-131)Unlike most books I've seen in the category "for single women," Jackie Kendall and Debbie Jones's approach to was refreshing.Hard to shake the feeling that a relationship with God/cultivating biblical virtues are being treated as means to an end, that end being a godly husband.This is the most significant problem in a book full of them.But the rest of the book presents a variety of admirable qualities found in Ruth and on more than one occasion the authors note that Ruth exhibited quality "x" and God rewarded her with a godly husband, so the reader should be patient/virtuous/etc. The unsaid implication is then maybe God will give the reader a godly husband too.Hard to shak The book opens with the contention that a husband will not truly or fully satisfy a young Christian woman deepest desires, only God can do that.

I appreciated the Scripture use in this book and came away with the truth that God is enough to satisfy and fulfill my needs.Kata2 ini benar2 serasa siraman embun di tanah gersang....memberikan kelegaan di hati...sesuai dg isi hati This book has an amazing message and content, definitely worth five stars.In my opinion, though, it could have been a little more easily readable, but I love the idea of the devotion section in the updated version.With humor, honesty, and biblical truths, the authors help point women to being the right woman and not just finding the right man.By studying the biblical character Ruth, women learn the characteristics that every woman of God should develop.

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This expanded edition of the original best-selller includes a personal journal and study guide.

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