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What marvels these little calculating tools helped us create!

Although long used in Europe, slide rules swept into popular use in America around the last quarter of the 19th century.

After college, he joined Geophysical Service, Inc., predecessor of Texas Instruments (TI), and in 1950 he worked as an Electrical Engineer on military electronic equipment.

Ed transferred in June 1954 to the Semiconductor organization and stayed with TI for 37 years.

He once explained to me that he was working on the standards for tire rubber which was I think at the time they were beginning to introduce reinforcing rubber or radial tires.

An Xacto knife and a pair of scissors can be used to shape the spacers. Jesse (Bud) Blount Lyon (1943-2014) purchased this slide rule while attending Durham High School. He attended University of North Carolina was later employed by Monsanto Company in Research Triangle Park, NC for several years before moving to Baltimore, MD and worked as a metallurgist for the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company for 27 years. Lyon lived in Pasadena, MD until relocating to North Myrtle Beach, SC in 2003.We honor your privacy and do not share your information with others. All items may be returned for a full refund less shipping. Joseph became involved in the expirement as the D&L was in close proximity to De Forest's lab in New Jersey. The May 1, 1914 edition of Telegraph and Telephone Age has this entry: "Mr. Graf has been appointed telegraph, telephone and wireless engineer of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, with Headquarters at Srnton, PA.", Expanded News Article in the Binghamton press January 21, 1913, concerning James J. by Keuffel & Esser Co., New York Note: metal cursor blocks were only used in 1915 Front Scale: 20inch // A [ B, C ] D

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