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His commute took him down Yesler Way, but in those days it was like driving in a tunnel – he was so focused on work.Read More » SVP Partner and Fast Pitch Seattle founder Will Poole was nominated as a 2013 Integral Fellow by the Microsoft Alumni Foundation.Read More » “My parents taught us that it didn’t matter how much we didn’t have,” says SVP San Antonio Partner, Priscilla Hill-Ardoin.“That our focus should be on what we did have, and there was always something to give.” That generosity helped to carry Priscilla through the hardest time in her life and to the discovery of her “can’t not do.” Read More » Up until five years ago, Tanya Anderson’s definition of ‘philanthropy’ was straight forward: to give money.

I was impressed by his resolve, his passion, and his approach of building social businesses focused on maximizing social impact. Over the last few months, eight current and former Partners were nominated for or received awards and recognition.

Read More » Okay, I’m totally dating myself (and subjecting you to bad puns), but I can’t help it.

Whenever Lisa Bontje and Lisa Merrill are on a photo shoot, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam just pops into my head!

Read More » “I wanted to do something that was really using my talents,” says SVP Partner Sandra Andrews.

“And I literally raised my hand and said ‘is there a project I can be part of?

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  3. And here's a comment that struck me, in part because it's so in synch with the point Andrews and Bricker emphasized: “If you have a passion you want to pursue, it’s easy to do it here.” As we’ll see, that’s something I heard frequently.