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It’s funny to me the questions that people have about my relationship with Jason once I reveal that he has an ostomy.

I have had this same conversation with the guy who changed the oil in my car, multiple interviewers and co-workers, a variety of vendors, the bank teller and countless others.

Obviously, at first he was healing and I didn’t want to hurt him but I wanted him to know that I still wanted him too.

Full disclosure, there are times during our sessions that are interrupted by his noisy stoma but, I really don’t mind it at all.

I might be a weirdo but, I really don’t care about the bathroom.

people will often pry for more information about my sex life, relationship and details about how the colostomy works.

I’m a very open person and I will tell anyone anything if they ask.

I was sitting at the dining room table, across from a home health nurse, and my parents were talking in the kitchen down the hall.

I was about 1.5 weeks out from my ostomy surgery, a little sore and tired, but finally out of the hospital and looking forward to starting my sophomore year of college.

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So prepare yourself, cuz we’re about to get real here! To be completely honest, we were going at it the first week Jason got home from the hospital after surgery.

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