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There will be human activity in space connected with each of these.

These facilities will also have commercial value, property value, and even military threat value.

Specifically for the topic of astromilitiares, you should look over Mr.

Frisbee's essay on Designing Militaries, Future War Stories essay on things that military science fiction are constantly getting wrong, and Thomas Evans' The Problem with Military Science Fiction Part 1 and Part 2 Men, my brothers, men the workers, ever reaping something new: That which they have done but earnest of the things that they shall do: For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be; Saw the heavens fill with commerce, argosies of magic sails, Pilots of the purple twilight dropping down with costly bales; Heard the heavens fill with shouting, and there rain’d a ghastly dew From the nations’ airy navies grappling in the central blue; "Espatier" is a twofer.

There will be a "space army", which are usually just the old ground army troops ferried to combat zones on other planets on huge lightly armed troop carriers. Both are almost the equivalent of college-level courses in the subject.

In some cultures and nations, the distinction cannot be drawn at all.

Their solution is diversifying their mission to include performing assaults on Luna and Mars.

There will generally be something like a "space navy" who deal in combat spacecraft (with a sub-branch for space fighters, even though those are unlikely).

Where there exist arenas of human activity and inter-relationships and property, there will be disagreements and conflict.

We cannot expect these aspects of human nature to change in the next fifty years.

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Yes, there are a few non-combat stories, mostly about exploration, but space combat is here to stay.

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