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Some herbs and spices can create the same effect as certain medications so if taking anticoagulants (blood thinning medication), or hormone therapies and contraceptive pills or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen and some other medications, it is advisable to avoid these herbs.

On Father’s Day, however, we reflect on the inspiration and support our fathers and partners Commpro recently asked our CEO Harriet Mills, as well as president of Paper Mart, Buffy Simoni, issues they faced as women in the workplace.After 15 years working in the restaurant and construction industries, Michelle Flynn was exhausted and ready for a change.The corporate lifestyle had become grueling, and she was looking to assert...A stem decoction is used in baths to relieve fatigue and cramps.Some Amazonian natives use it to protect themselves against bad spirits, whilst others use the decoction of leaves and stems as antipyretic baths, for body aches and flu.

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