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Dec 17 – Roy Brooker, 41, unemployed painter and decorator, was killed after leaving the Gin Palace pub in Old Kent Road, SE London.His bloodstained clothes were found in a burnt out car in Bermondsey.Chris Peterkin, 17, a student from the nearby Bayonne estate, was jailed for life in July 2000.He was caught by DNA after spitting on the victim’s body.

Kevin Dennis was one of several people (along with Barry George) who were told in 2013 they could not have compensation for wrongful conviction.Dec 20 – Lynn Walton, 42, was stabbed at her flat in Hinchcliffe, Peterborough.Her boyfriend Ambrose Moore, 39, was jailed for 5 years for manslaughter.Dec 6 – John Cameron Smith, 72, retired music teacher from St Leonards, Hastings, was kidnapped, driving to Islington, north London, and murdered. Robert Holden, 20, was acquitted of murder but jailed for 3 years for false imprisonment. The trial at the Old Bailey in Sep 2000 heard that a motorist spotted Cameron Smith on the M25 motorway in Surrey and alerted police.As the traffic crawled to a halt, Mr Smith rolled down his window and pulled the top of his body out, calling to motorists: “Take a note of this number and call police.” The trial heard Smith had assets of £135,000.

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Her boyfriend Graham Grogan, 21, was jailed for life in Oct 2000.

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