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See Informal Guidance Program for Small Entities, Investment Company Act Release No. Clients receive concierge service because every client is important in a firm our size. Our decision-making is nimble; we can tailor fee arrangements, staffing and technology to your needs quickly and efficiently.You state that the creation and operation of the Liquidating Trust and the distribution of interests in the Liquidating Trust to the Limited Partners, including the Affiliated Limited Partners, could be viewed as a “joint enterprise or other joint arrangement or profit-sharing plan” among IFHF, the Investment Adviser, the Liquidating Trust and the Affiliated Limited Partners, within the meaning of Rule 17d-1.

Excellent lawyers who also understand your business, anticipate developments in your industry, help you manage your budget and staffing needs, connect you with business opportunities, partner with you on community outreach and giving, and assist in educating your staff are a considerably rarer breed. Stradley Ronon might sound to you like every other big law firm out there: sophisticated clients, high-rise offices and exceptional attorneys. It could be our commitment to providing young attorneys with immediate real-world experience.You further state that IFHF would simultaneously engage in a one-time special distribution of all of its interest in the Liquidating Trust on a pro rata basis to each Limited Partner.You state that the sole purpose of the Liquidating Trust would be to facilitate the complete liquidation of the interests in the Restricted Underlying Funds.You state that the Investment Adviser will manage the assets of the Liquidating Trust for the purpose of achieving an orderly liquidation of Restricted Underlying Fund interests and that the Investment Adviser will receive no compensation for serving in this capacity.You state that the Board will monitor the liquidation activities of the Liquidating Trust, and that the Investment Adviser will provide the Board, on at least a quarterly basis, with a report on the liquidation activities of the Liquidating Trust.

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