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Striking a nice balance between elegant and aggressive, the Special Series 2 was also believed to be based on the V8 Vantage.

Sounds like a nice way to counter-balance the design of the Series 1. Aston Martin AM3 The AM3 was the most non-traditional design of all the custom Astons.

But while the old DB4 had to make do with an inline-six, the Series 1 rode on a V8 Vantage platform complete with twin-supercharged V8 power.Because when you've got the money to make it happen, you make it happen.Aston Martin Special Series 2 Where the Series 1 was pure retro, the Series 2 was the culmination of contemporary.Although word on the streets of Bandar Seri Begawan is his fiscal fortunes have depleted as of late, before he sold off some of his assets, he and his family created what may be the most impressive car collection the world has ever seen.Although we already knew this, it wasn't until we were surfing the pages of our fave super car photo site that we realized the sheer height of awesome the collection truly achieved.

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