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My dreams have been saying this is one of the most substantial turning points in my entire life, and getting invited to do Coast again, right in the midst of it, was a powerful affirmation of that!I needed to pull back for a while from posting here and engaging the ongoing, inevitable crush of around 120 emails a day, which no real person can be expected to answer and get anything else done — hence I have called it the Santa Claus Paradox, as only a mythical being can be expected to actually address so many personal requests.

I thank you for your patience with me, and the relative lack of dramatic or criticizing email, as this has been a great opportunity to help solidify a turning-point between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ phases of my life in so many different respects.In the past I would go to them and pitch a show, and did not always succeed. after a two-year period where I didn’t appear on the show except for a half-hour in the spring of 2007… I did have to think for a second before accepting, because this same weekend I will be flying back from family in NY to the recording studio in Austin, Texas, to hopefully complete our work on my first professional vocal-music album — which I will update you about in just a minute.My flight to Texas arrives Saturday evening and Coast wanted me on Sunday, so it all worked out very well.It’s all pretty heady and amazing for me, and I really haven’t written that much about what has become one of the most stunning and far-reaching projects I’ve ever been involved with.It may essentially come out of nowhere and become one of the defining statements of my life in terms of its public impact.

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