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*To 1960-79; 1980-89; 1990-99; 2000s Eureka Zoo see ZOOS Evergreen Lodge see CANCER Everyman's Center see EVERYONE'S CENTER EVERYONE'S CENTER x Everyman's Center Exercise see PHYSICAL FITNESS Exploration see HISTORY - DISCOVERY PERIOD, 1542-1849 Exxon Corporation see OIL RIG ASSEMBLY PROJECT (PROPOSED) Back to Top FBI see LAW ENFORCEMENT FHR CURRENTS xx Fishes and Fishing x Fish Habitat Relationships Currents Fair Air Committee see AIR LINES FAIRHAVEN FAIRS (Divided by date) see also ARCATA - FAIRS xx Horse-Racing; Redwood Acres *To 1969; 1970-1979; 1980-1989; 1990-1999; 2000-2004; 2005- FALK Family History Center see GENEALOGY FAMILY PLANNING see also ABORTION; ADOPTION; BIRTH CONTROL; CHILDBIRTH; CRIME AND CRIMINALS - RAPE; PLANNED PARENTHOOD ASSOCIATION; SEX EDUCATION; VENEREAL DISEASES xx Adoption; Birth Control; Childbirth; Pregnancy, Adolescent; Rape; Sex Education; Venereal Disease x Birthright of Humboldt; Choices FAMILY SERVICE CENTER FAR WEST INDIAN HISTORICAL CENTER see also INDIAN ISLAND Indian Historical Center FARMERS' MARKET xx Agriculture FAY SLOUGH WILDLIFE AREA see also WETLANDS FEDERAL PROGRAMS see also COMPREHENSIVE EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING ACT; EMPLOYMENT; EUREKA - REDEVELOPMENT; JOBS PARTNERSHIP TRAINING ACT xx Employment x Job Corps; Neighborhood Youth Corps; Revenue Sharing; Wood for Seniors Fellowship House see ALCOHOLISM Feminism see WOMEN FERN CANYON xx Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park FERNBRIDGE FERNDALE (Divided by date) see also DAIRYING; DEMOGRAPHY *To 1969; 1970-1979; 1980-1989; 1990-1999; 2000-2009; 2010- FERNDALE ART FESTIVAL see also KINETIC SCULPTURE RACE xx Art FERNDALE MUSEUM FERRIES xx Ships and Shipping - Madaket FIELDBROOK FIELDS LANDING see also LUMBERING - HARDWOODS; WHALING Finns in Humboldt County see SCANDINAVIANS IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY FIRE ARTS CENTER see also POTTERY; ARTISANS FIRE DEPARTMENTS see also FIRE DEPARTMENTS (Names of individual cities) FIRE DEPARTMENTS - ARCATA x Arcata - Fire Department FIRE DEPARTMENTS - EUREKA (Divided by date) x Eureka - Fire Department; Fire District No. 1 see FIRE DEPARTMENTS - EUREKA FIRE PREVENTION FIRE STARTER FIRES (Divided by date) see also CRIME AND CRIMINALS - ARSON; FOREST FIRES; [Names of towns where fires occurred] xx Crime and Criminals - Arson; Forest Fires *To 1969; 1970s; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s FIREWOOD Fish and Game, Department of see CALIFORNIA.DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME FISH-CULTURE see also FISH HATCHERIES xx Fishes and Fishing x Aquaculture; Fish Farming Fish Farming see FISH-CULTURE Fish Habitat Relationships Currents see FHR CURRENTS FISH HATCHERIES (Divided by date) see also FISH HATCHERIES - ANNUAL REPORTS; Fish Bulletin #150 in Cal Doc section (F 650.Board of Supervisors see POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT - BOARD OF SUPERVISORS HUMBOLDT COUNTY - BUDGET (Divided by date) see also STATE-LOCAL RELATIONS x Budget *1970s; 1980s; 1990s Humboldt County Celebrates see JUVENILE DELINQUENCY Humboldt County Chambers of Commerce see CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE HUMBOLDT COUNTY COAST LINES see also CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSION.NORTH COAST REGION xx California Coastal Commission. NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE UNITED WAY OF HUMBOLDT xx Charitable Organizations UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA - HUMBOLDT CAMPUS (PROPOSED) x California. Humboldt Campus (Proposed) UPRIVER DOWNRIVER see also (F868 H8 HUM CO no.*1950s; 1960s; 1970-1972; 1973-1979; 1980-1982; 1983-1985; 1986- HUMBOLDT BAY SOUTH SPIT see also HOMELESSNESS (1993-) x South Spit HUMBOLDT BAY WASTEWATER AUTHORITY (Divided by date) see also SEWAGE DISPOSAL xx Humboldt Bay - Pollution; Sewage Disposal *1974; 1975; 1976; 1977; 1978; 1979- Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation see GARDENING Humboldt Child Care Council see CHILD CARE Humboldt Child Trauma Council see CHILD ABUSE HUMBOLDT CITY Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights see LAND USE HUMBOLDT COMMON MARKET x Cooperatives HUMBOLDT COMMUNITY BREAST HEALTH PROJECT see also CANCER HUMBOLDT COMMUNITY CURRENCY PROJECT x Humboldt Exposure HUMBOLDT COMMUNITY GARDEN HUMBOLDT COMMUNITY SERVICE DISTRICT Humboldt Connections see JUVENILE DELINQUENCY Humboldt Cooperage Company see CALIFORNIA BARREL COMPANY (ARCATA) HUMBOLDT COUNTY.ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER x Administrative Officer HUMBOLDT COUNTY ASSESSOR see also TAXATION xx Taxation Humboldt County Association for the Retarded see MENTALLY HANDICAPPED Humboldt County.

GOVERNOR GRAFFITI see also JUVENILE DELINQUENCY GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC GRAND COMEDY FESTIVAL xx Theater x Qual-a-wa-loo GRAND JURY (Divided by date) *To 1989; 1990-1999; 2000- Grange see SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS - GRANGE Granite see QUARRIES Grant, Ulysses S. see RAINBOW RANCH GRAY PANTHERS OF THE NORTH COAST see also Senior News (HV 1468 C2 S45 HCC) xx Aged Green Diamond Resource Company see LUMBER COMPANIES - SIMPSON TIMBER COMPANY Green Party see HUMBOLDT COUNTY GREENS Green Scene see HUMBOLDT COUNTY GREENS GREEN TECHNOLOGY xx Energy GREENPEACE Gregg, Josiah see BIOGRAPY - GREGG, JOSIAH GROCERS see also ARCATA CO-OP xx Business Enterprise Guanxi, China see HUMBOLDT COUNTY - "SISTER PROVINCE" Gulf War see PERSIAN GULF WAR GUMBO GUN CONTROL see also REDWOOD GUN CLUB Gunther Island see INDIAN ISLAND Gunther Island Massacre see INDIAN ISLAND MASSACRE Gypsy Moth see INSECTS Back to Top HELP see SPECIAL EDUCATION H. JOSEPH x Cardiacs; Redwood Empire Hearth Association HEART LINE (Humboldt Women for Shelter) see WIFE ABUSE Heartwood: California College of the Natural Healing Arts see HOLISTIC HEALTH Helicopter Logging see LUMBERING Helicopter Station see U. COAST GUARD Help Exceptional Little People see SPECIAL EDUCATION Helping Hand Program see CHILD ABUSE HELPING OTHER PARENTS ENDURE x H. JOSEPH (Divided by date) see also KRIS KELLY HEALTH INFORMATION CENTER xx Heart - Diseases *To 1999; 2000- HOSPITALS - SOUTHERN HUMBOLDT COMMUNITY HOSPITAL HOSPITALS - TRINITY HOSPITAL HOSPITALS - UNION LABOR HOSPITAL see also UNION LABOR HEALTH FOUNDATION HOSTELS see also BED AND BREAKFAST INNS x Arcata Crew House Hostel; Youth Hostels Hotel Occupancy Tax see TOURISM HOTELS see also ARCATA HOTEL; BED AND BREAKFAST INNS; BENBOW INN; EUREKA INN; EUREKA - OLD TOWN - VANCE HOTEL; HOSTELS; HALVORSEN VILLAGE (PROPOSED); MOTELS; Names of towns Houses, Historic see HISTORIC HOUSES HOUSING see also BUILDING CODES; LANDLORD AND TENANT; [Name of city or place] - HOUSING; REAL ESTATE BUSINESS; UNITED STAND xx Real Estate Business x Habitat for Humanity HOWELL INITIATIVE see also ELECTIONS, COUNTY - 1979 xx Elections, County - 1979 Hudson, Lois Phillips (Works by) see LITERARY EFFORTS Hughes Air West see AIR LINES Hum Mums see CHILD CARE Human Powered Transportation News see ADVENTURE'S EDGE Human Rights Commission see HUMBOLDT COUNTY HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION Human Service Agencies see SOCIAL SERVICE AGENCIES HUMANE SOCIETY see also ANIMAL SHELTERS; PETS xx Animal Shelters; Pets x Humboldt Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; SPCA Humboldt Access Project see HANDICAPPED - HUMBOLDT ACCESS PROJECT HUMBOLDT ALLIANCE FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT xx Industrial Promotion Humboldt Antique Bottle Collectors see BOTTLES - COLLECTORS AND COLLECTING HUMBOLDT AREA FOUNDATION HUMBOLDT AREA RESOURCE CONSORTIUM see also LIBRARIES HUMBOLDT ARTS COUNCIL xx Art x Palette *No Date; To 1980; 1990-1999; 2000-2004; 2005-2009; 2010- HUMBOLDT BAY see also WETLANDS x Harbors; Pilots (Humboldt Bay) HUMBOLDT BAY, BIBLIOGRAPHY Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters Association see CYCLING; WHEEL PEOPLE Humboldt Bay Cable TV see TELEVISION HUMBOLDT BAY DEVELOPMENT (Divided by date) see also EUREKA - WATERFRONT; SMALL CRAFT HARBOR (EUREKA) x Buhne Point; Dredging - Humboldt Bay; Humboldt Bay - Dredging; Humboldt Bay Jetties *To 1969; 1970s; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s HUMBOLDT BAY DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION Humboldt Bay - Dredging see HUMBOLDT BAY DEVELOPMENT HUMBOLDT BAY ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY x Ecological Society HUMBOLDT BAY - GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS - ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS xx U. Army Corps of Engineers HUMBOLDT BAY HARBOR COMMISSION x Harbor Commission HUMBOLDT BAY HARBOR, RECREATION, AND CONSERVATION DISTRICT xx Humboldt Bay - Pollution x Eureka - Waterfront Humboldt Bay Jetties see HUMBOLDT BAY DEVELOPMENT HUMBOLDT BAY - MAPS HUMBOLDT BAY MARITIME MUSEUM see also LIGHTHOUSES xx Ships and Shipping x Maritime Museum HUMBOLDT BAY MUNICIPAL WATER DISTRICT (Divided by date xx Mad River x Essex Parks *To 1979; 1980- HUMBOLDT BAY MYCOLOGICAL SOCIETY see also Mycolog (QK 617 M93 HCC) HUMBOLDT BAY NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE (Divided by date) see also LANPHERE-CHRISTENSEN DUNES PRESERVE xx Lanphere-Christensen Dunes Preserve; Wildlife - Birds x Wildlife Refuge *1960-1979; 1980- Humboldt Bay Oil Spill Cooperative see HUMBOLDT BAY - POLLUTION HUMBOLDT BAY - POLLUTION see also HUMBOLDT BAY HARBOR, RECREATION AND CONSERVATION DISTRICT; HUMBOLDT BAY WASTE WATER AUTHORITY; PULP MILLS; WATER - POLLUTION xx Oil; Water - Pollution x Humboldt Bay Oil Spill Cooperative HUMBOLDT BAY POWER PLANT (Divided by date) see also NUCLEAR FREE TIMES; REDWOOD ALLIANCE x Atomic Power Plant; Nader, Ralph; Nuclear Power Plant; Pacific Gas AND Electric Co.Planning Commission see HUMBOLDT COUNTY - PLANNING HUMBOLDT COUNTY - PLANNING - GENERAL PLAN REVISION PROGRAM HUMBOLDT COUNTY. PUBLIC GUARDIAN x Public Guardian Humboldt County - Public Welfare Department see PUBLIC WELFARE HUMBOLDT COUNTY. F5) xx Fish-Culture; Fishes and Fisheries - Salmon *To 1979; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s FISH HATCHERIES - ANNUAL REPORTS xx Fish Hatcheries Fish Kill see KLAMATH RIVER Fish Processing see SEAFOOD PROCESSING FISHES AND FISHING (Divided by date) see also CALIFORNIA TROUT; CRAB FISHERIES; EUREKA - MARINE RESEARCH LAB (PROPOSED); FHR CURRENT; FISH-CULTURE; [Names of rivers]; NORTH COAST SPORT FISHING NEWS; SEA URCHINS; SEAFOOD PROCESSING; SHELLFISH; SQUID FISHERIES xx Fishes and Fishing - Salmon x Fishing; Humboldt Fish Action Council; Northcoast Sentinel *To 1959; 1960s; 1970s; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s FISHES AND FISHING - ANCHOVIES x Anchovies FISHES AND FISHING - FOREIGN VESSELS FISHES AND FISHING - SALMON (Divided by date) see also FISH HATCHERIES; FISHES AND FISHING; INDIANS - FISHING; INDIANS - FISHING RIGHTS; [Names of individual rivers]; PACIFIC FISHERY MANAGEMENT COUNCIL; UPSTREAM x Salmon *To 1978; 1979-1980; 1981-1983; 1984-1985; 1986-1989; 1990-1994; 1995- FISHES AND FISHING - SHARKS x Sharks FISHES AND FISHING - 200-MILE LIMIT x200-Mile Limit Fishing see FISHES AND FISHING FLEA MARKETS xx Business Enterprises x Yard Sales FLOOD CONTROL see also EEL RIVER; REDWOOD CREEK FLOOD INSURANCE FLOODS see also FLOODS - 1955; FLOODS - 1964; STORMS xx Storms FLOODS - 1955 FLOODS - 1964 see also DOCS Y4 P96/11 F65/5 microfiche x Bahamas Flower Bulbs see BULB INDUSTRY Flowers and Shrubs see NATIVE PLANTS Fluoride see WATER - SUPPLY Folklife Festival see HUMBOLDT FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL FOOD BANK see also CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS Food Not Bombs see HOMELESSNESS Food Stamp Program see PUBLIC WELFARE Ford, Martha - Diary see MENDOCINO COUNTY - MARTHA FORD DIARY, 1854 FOREIGN TRADE ZONE (PROPOSED) FOREST FIRES see also CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY; FIRES xx California Department of Forestry; Fires Forest Management see FORESTS AND FORESTRY FOREST NURSERIES see also TREE FARMS FOREST PRODUCTS see also GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP.; WOOD - PULP; WOODWORKING INDUSTRIES xx Lumbering x Burl; Plywood; Wood Chips FORESTS AND FORESTRY (Divided by date) see also CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY; INSTITUTE FOR SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY; NEWS OF OLD GROWTH; NORTH COAST FOREST ECHOES; PACIFIC SOUTHWEST FOREST AND RANGE EXPERIMENT STATION; REDWOODS; SIX RIVERS NATIONAL FOREST; TREE FARMS xx Lumbering x Clearcutting; Forest Management; Plenterung *To 1959; 1960-1969; 1970-1979; 1980-1989; 1990-1999; 2000-2009; 2010- FORT BRAGG FORT GASTON xx Hoopa Valley Reservation FORT HUMBOLDT see also HISTORY, SETTLEMENT PERIOD, 1850-1875 - INDIAN WARS; PARKS, STATE xx History, Settlement Period, 1850-1875 - Indian Wars; Northern Counties Logging Interpretive Association FORT SEWARD FORTS see also [Names of Forts] FORTUNA (Divided by date) see also CIVIL SERVICE, 1980-; DEMOGRAPHY; ROHNERVILLE xx Rohnerville *To 1969; 1970-1979; 1980-1989; 1990-1999; 2000- FORTUNA ART FESTIVAL xx Art FORTUNA - MAPS FORTUNA - POLICE DEPARTMENT FOSSILS x Paleontology FOSTER CARE x Foster Homes Foster Homes see FOSTER CARE Four-H see YOUTH CLUBS - FOUR-H Fourth of July see HOLIDAYS Fraternal Order of Eagles see SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS - EAGLES Fraud see CRIME AND CRIMINALS - FRAUD, EMBEZZLEMENT, ETC.FREE READING FREEWAYS see also FREEWAYS - ARCATA; FREEWAYS - EUREKA; ROADS xx Roads FREEWAYS, ARCATA x Burns Freeway FREEWAYS, EUREKA FRENCH IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY FRESHWATER (includes Freshwater Creek) Freshwater Lagoon see LAGOONS; REDWOOD NATIONAL PARK - FRESHWATER LAGOON SPIT FRIENDS OF CHILDREN OF VIET NAM FRIENDS OF THE DUNES see also LANPHERE-CHRISTENSEN DUNES PRESERVE Friends of the Eel River see EEL RIVER FRIENDS OF THE REDWOOD LIBRARIES (Divided by date) xx Libraries *To 1977; 1978-1982; 1983-1985; 1986-1989; 1990- FRUITLAND Fuel Crisis see GASOLINE Fuel Shortage see GASOLINE Fungicides see HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES - FUNGICIDES FUR FARMING Future Farmers of America see YOUTH CLUBS Back to Top Gabriel, Romano - Sculpture Garden see ROMANO GABRIEL SCULPTURE GARDEN GAMBLING see also RANCHERIAS GAME PROTECTION xx Hunting; Wildlife x Poaching Gangs see CRIME AND CRIMINALS; JUVENILE DELINQUENCY GARBERVILLE GARDENING see also ORGANIC TIMES x Bonsai; Community Gardens; Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation Gas see PUBLIC UTILITIES; GASOLINE Gaslight Days see EUREKA - GASLIGHT DAYS GASOLINE see also RATIONING xx Rationing x Fuel Crisis; Fuel Shortage GASQUET Gasquet Mountain see DEL NORTE COUNTY - MINES - GASQUET MOUNTAIN Gasquet-Orleans Road see SIX RIVERS NATIONAL FOREST - GASQUET-ORLEANS ROAD Gay see LGBTQ Gems see PRECIOUS STONES GENEALOGY see also SOUTHERN HUMBOLDT HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY x Family History Center; Redwood Genealogical Society General Plan 2020 see REGIONAL PLANNING GEOLOGY Geophysical Survey see PACIFIC OCEAN Georgia Pacific see LUMBER COMPANIES - GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP. see HELPING OTHER PARENTS ENDURE HROP see HUMBOLDT REGIONAL OCCUPATIONAL PROGRAM Habitat for Humanity see HOUSING; [Name of town] - HOUSING HALFWAY HOUSE HALVORSEN VILLAGE (PROPOSED) see also EUREKA COMMUNITY CONFERENCE CENTER (PROPOSED) xx Eureka Community Conference Center (Proposed); Eureka - Waterfront; Hotels Ham Radio see RADIO Hammond Trail see TRAILS HANDICAPPED (Divided by date) see also BLIND; DEAF; GLEN PAUL CENTER FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN; HANDICAPPED - HUMBOLDT ACCESS PROJECT; MENTALLY HANDICAPPED; SPECIAL EDUCATION; SPECIAL OLYMPICS *To 1979; 1980s; 1990s HANDICAPPED - HUMBOLDT ACCESS PROJECT xx Handicapped x Humboldt Access Project HANG-GLIDING Happy Camp see SISKIYOU COUNTY Harbor Commission see HUMBOLDT BAY HARBOR COMMISSION Harbors see HUMBOLDT BAY; SMALL CRAFT HARBOR (EUREKA) HARD TIMES xx Labor and Laboring Classes Hardwoods see LUMBERING - HARDWOODS HARRIS Haunted Houses see GHOSTS HAYFORK HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES (Divided by date) see also CALIFORNIANS FOR ALTERNATIVES TO TOXICS; HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES - [subheadings]; HERBICIDES; WATER - POLLUTION x Mc Namara and Peepe; Submarines - Dumping; Toxic Waste *To 1989; 1990s; 2000s HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES - ASBESTOS x Asbestos HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES - CELTOR CHEMICAL WORKS xx Hoopa Valley Reservation x Celtor Chemical Works HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES - CHLORINE see also PULP MILLS xx Pulp Mills x Chlorine HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES - FUNGICIDES xx Hazardous Substances; Lumber Companies - Simpson Timber Co. Hemp see MARIJUANA HENDERSON CENTER HERBICIDES (Divided by date) see also ELECTIONS, COUNTY - 1980; LUMBERING - ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS; THE REACTOR xx Hazardous Substances x2,4,5-T *Pre-1977; 1977; 1978; 1979; 1980; 1981; 1982; 1983; 1984; 1985; 1986- Heritage Herald see EUREKA HERITAGE SOCIETY HIGH COUNTRY LOW COUNTRY Highway Patrol see CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL Highways see ROADS Hiking see RECREATION Hill, Julia (Butterfly) see BIOGRAPHY - HILL, JULIA (BUTTERFLY); EARTH FIRST! x Luna HISTORIC BUILDINGS - Eureka see also HISTORIC HOUSES; HISTORIC PRESERVATION HISTORIC HOUSES see also ARCATA - HISTORIC PRESERVATION ORDINANCE; CARSON MANSION; EUREKA HERITAGE SOCIETY; EUREKA - OLD TOWN; HISTORIC BUILDINGS - [Name of town]; HISTORIC HOUSES - [Name of town]; HISTORICAL SITES SOCIETY OF ARCATA xx Historic Preservation x Buildings, Historic; Houses, Historic; Victorian Houses HISTORIC HOUSES - ARCATA xx Arcata - Historic Preservation Ordinance; Historic Houses; Historical Sites Society of Arcata x Arcata - Historic Houses HISTORIC HOUSES - EUREKA (Divided by date) see also EUREKA - WATERFRONT xx Eureka Heritage Society; Historic Houses x Eureka - Historic Houses *To 1989; 1990- HISTORIC PRESERVATION see also ARCATA - HISTORIC PRESERVATION ORDINANCE; EUREKA HERITAGE SOCIETY; HISTORIC HOUSES; HISTORICAL SITES SOCIETY OF ARCATA x Preservation, Historic HISTORICAL SITES SOCIETY OF ARCATA see also ARCATA - HISTORIC PRESERVATION ORDINANCE; HISTORIC HOUSES - ARCATA xx Historic Houses; Historic Preservation x Arcata Historical Museum; Arcata - Historical Sites Society; Phillips House HISTORY - DISCOVERY PERIOD - 1542-1849 see also BIOGRAPHY - GREGG x Exploration HISTORY - GENERAL HISTORY - SETTLEMENT PERIOD - 1850-1875 HISTORY - SETTLEMENT PERIOD - 1850-1875 - INDIAN WARS see also FORT HUMBOLDT and other names of forts; INDIAN ISLAND MASSACRE; MILITARY 1850s-1860s xx Fort Humboldt x Gihon, Thomas; Indian Wars; Military Operations; Mountaineer Battalion HISTORY - 1875-1900 HISTORY - 1900-1939 x Ann's Humboldt Scrapbook HISTORY - 1940- x Chicago Bridge and Iron Dry Dock Plant; Dry-Docks; World War II Hmong in Humboldt County see SOUTHEAST ASIANS IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY HOBBIES HOLIDAY INN DEVELOPMENT (PROPOSED) see also CALIFORNIA COASTAL ZONE CONSERVATION COMMISSION - NORTH COAST REGION HOLIDAYS see also HOLIDAYS - CHRISTMAS x Fourth of July HOLIDAYS - CHRISTMAS see also EUREKA INN xx Holidays x Christmas HOLISTIC HEALTH (Divided by date) xx Health x Access; Balance; East-West Center; Heartwood: California College of the Natural Healing Arts xx Health *To 1999; 2000- HOLMES Home Health Service see HEALTH - HUMBOLDT HOME HEALTH SERVICE HOMELESSNESS (Divided by date) see also ARCATA HOUSE; CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS; CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS - EUREKA RESCUE MISSION xx Charitable Organizations - Eureka Rescue Mission x Food Not Bombs; Poverty *1980s; 1990-1992; 1993- Homicide see CRIME AND CRIMINALS - HOMICIDE HONEYDEW HOOPA Hoopa Indians see HUPA INDIANS HOOPA VALLEY RESERVATION (Divided by date) see also FORT GASTON; HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES - CELTOR CHEMICAL WORKS; HOSPITALS - HOOPA MEDICAL CENTER; HUPA INDIANS; INDIAN RESERVATIONS; INDIANS - JESSIE SHORT CASE; NATINI XWE; YUROK INDIANS xx Humboldt County Sheriff's Department; Hupa Indians; Yurok Indians x ICI Campground; Indian Campgrounds Inc.

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North Coast Region x Coast Lines HUMBOLDT COUNTY - COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE UNIT Humboldt County Convention AND Visitors Bureau see TOURISM HUMBOLDT COUNTY. 1-12 UPSTREAM (Subtitle: The source for California's salmon activists) xx Sierra Club; Fishes and Fishing - Salmon Upwellings see NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INTERPRETATION [after 1987]; WESTERN INTERPRETERS ASSOCIATION Upwind see ARCATA WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITY Utilities see PUBLIC UTILITIES Back to Top Valley West see ARCATA - VALLEY WEST VAN DUZEN RIVER Van Vleet Property see ARCATA WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITY Vance Hotel see EUREKA - OLD TOWN - VANCE HOTEL Vasectomy see BIRTH CONTROL VECTOR HEALTH PROGRAM, INC xx Health VENEREAL DISEASES see also FAMILY PLANNING xx Health; Family Planning VETERANS see also VETERANS FOR PEACE x Agent Orange; Humboldt County - Veteran's Service Officer VETERANS FOR PEACE see also PEACE; VETERANS; VIETNAMESE CONFLICT, 1961-, PUBLIC OPINION - U. Victorian Houses see HISTORIC HOUSES VIETNAMESE CONFLICT, 1961- , PUBLIC OPINION - U. see also VETERANS FOR PEACE x Anti-War Measures and Protests VITAL STATISTICS xx Divorce; Health x Marriage; Deaths VOCATIONAL EDUCATION see also COMPREHENSIVE EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING ACT; JOBS PARTNERSHIP TRAINING ACT; HUMBOLDT REGIONAL OCCUPATION PROGRAM x Education, Vocational; Humboldt County Schools Regional Occupational Program Voice of the Wild Siskiyou see KLAMATH MOUNTAINS Voices see SOCIAL LIFE AND CUSTOMS Voices of Humboldt County see HUMBOLDT WATERSHED COUNCIL VOLUNTEER VOICES (catalogued: HN49 V64 R22) VOTING see also ELECTIONS; HUMBOLDT COUNTY. County Clerk x Redistricting Back to Top WE CARE see WEST COAST ALLIANCE FOR RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT Wal-Mart see DEPARTMENT STORES Walk for Humanity see CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS Wastewater see SEWAGE DISPOSAL WATER - POLLUTION (Divided by date) see also HUMBOLDT BAY - POLLUTION; NORTH COAST REGIONAL WATER QUALITY CONTROL BOARD; PULP MILLS; SHELLFISH; Names of rivers and lakes xx Hazardous substances; Sewage Disposal; North Coast Regional Quality Control Board; Humboldt Bay - Pollution x Pollution, Water *To 1979; 1980s; 1990s Water Power see HYDROELECTRIC POWER WATER RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT see also DAMS; HUMBOLDT COUNTY - WATER ADVISORY COMMITTEE; WILD AND SCENIC RIVERS; Names of individual rivers xx Dams x Tri-Lake Project; Undersea Aqueduct WATER SAFETY x Sherrif's Safety Marine Patrol Posse WATER - SUPPLY (Divided by date) see also REGIONAL PLANNING; [Names of towns] - WATER SUPPLY x Fluoride *To 1979; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s Watershed Improvement Network Journal see REDWOOD COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY Watersheds see HUMBOLDT WATERSHED COUNCIL Weather see CLIMATE Weaverville see TRINITY COUNTY - WEAVERVILLE WEAVING xx Artisans x Humboldt Handweavers Guild Weirick, John see CRIME AND CRIMINALS - ESPIONAGE WEITCHPEC Welfare Building see PUBLIC WELFARE BUILDING Welfare Department see PUBLIC WELFARE WEOTT WEST COAST ALLIANCE FOR RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT xx Six Rivers National Forest - Management x WE CARE West End Road Industrial Park see ARCATA - INDUSTRIAL PARKS WESTERN INTERPRETERS ASSOCIATION see also [after 1987] NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INTERPRETATION x Upwellings WESTHAVEN WESTHAVEN CENTER FOR THE ARTS see also TRINIDAD; WESTHAVEN WESTSIDE COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION WETLANDS see also COASTLINE PROTECTION; RESTORATION ECOLOGY; TADPOLE GAZETTE; TIDELANDS; U. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS xx Coastline Protection; Tidelands; U. Army Corps of Engineers WHALES WHALING xx Fields Landing; Trinidad WHEEL PEOPLE xx Cycling x Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters Association Whistle Punk (catalogued) see NORTHERN COUNTIES LOGGING INTERPRETIVE ASSOCIATION WHITEHORN see also DEMOGRAPHY, 1990- Wholistic Health see HOLLISTIC HEALTH WIFE ABUSE see also DOMESTIC VIOLENCE; MEN'S ALTERNATIVES TO VIOLENCE xx Women x Battered Women; Heartline; Humboldt Women for Shelter; Women WILD AND SCENIC RIVERS (Divided by date) see also PERIPHERAL CANAL; Names of individual rivers xx Peripheral Canal x Rivers, Wild and Scenic *To 1971; 1972-1979; 1980- WILDERNESS AREAS see also SIX RIVERS NATIONAL FOREST - RARE II xx Six Rivers National Forest - RARE II x Yolla Bolly - Middle Eel Wilderness Area WILDLIFE see also AUDUBON SOCIETY; GAME PROTECTION; HUMBOLDT WILDLIFE CARE CENTER; HUNTING; NATURAL AREAS; WILDLIFE - (Type of animal); TRAPPING; WORLD WILDLIFE MUSEUM x Animals WILDLIFE - BEARS x Bears WILDLIFE - BIRDS (Divided by date) see also AUDUBON SOCIETY; HUMBOLDT BAY NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE x Birds, Godwit Days *To 1999; 2000- WILDLIFE - BIRDS - MARBLED MURRELET x Marbled Murrelet WILDLIFE - BIRDS - SPOTTED OWL (Divided by date) see also LUMBERING - ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS - SPOTTED OWL xx Lumbering - Environmental Aspects - Spotted Owl x Spotted Owl *1980s; 1990- Wildlife Care Center see HUMBOLDT WILDLIFE CARE CENTER WILDLIFE - COYOTES xx Livestock - Sheep x Coyotes; Predators WILDLIFE - ELK x Elk WILDLIFE - MOUNTAIN LIONS x Mountain Lions WILDLIFE - OTTERS x Otters Wildlife Refuge see HUMBOLDT BAY NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE WILDLIFE - SEALS AND SEA LIONS see also NORTHCOAST MARINE MAMMAL CENTER x Seals; Sea Lions WILLOW CREEK WILLOW CREEK - CHINA FLAT MUSEUM WIND ENERGY xx Energy x Energy, Wind WINDMILLS WINE AND WINE MAKING x Wineries Wineries see WINE AND WINE MAKING WINZLER AND KELLY NEWSLETTER WIYOT INDIANS see also INDIAN ISLAND MASSACRE x Indians, Wiyot WOMEN (Divided by date) see also DISCRIMINATION IN EMPLOYMENT; EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT; HUMBOLDT ROLLER DERBY; LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS; ON THE RAG; SEX ROLES; SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS - WOMAN'S CLUB; WIFE ABUSE x Feminism; Humboldt County Commission on the Status of Women; Northcoast Women's Center; Women Reborn *To 1979; 1980-1989; 1990-1999; 2000-2009; 2010- Women's International League for Peace and Freedom see PEACE Women Reborn see WOMEN WOMEN'S RESOURCES FOR WORK, INC.

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