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Toutes les chambres disposent d’une salle de bain, d’un accès wifi. Un petit déjeuner complet (café, chocolat, thé, jus d’orange, pain, confiture, yaourt…) vous sera proposé.

Il satisfera le goût des enfants, ainsi que celui des parents.

I rarely watched teen dramas because the problems the (usually white) characters faced were completely foreign to me.

There were books and TV series with Chinese-American representation like THE JOY LUCK CLUB or JAKE LONG: AMERICAN DRAGON, but I could never fully relate to them because they didn’t show South and East Asian characters being friends with each other (or even interacting).

Once they do that, they can begin to reform and emerge as new people.

Brianna Lei makes this statement on her blog about BUTTERFLY SOUP: “I was mostly inspired by the feeling growing up that there wasn’t any media out there made with me in mind.

Fortunately, indie designer Anna Anthropy specializes in friction.

When the player goes through Min-Seo’s perspective, they see more of Min-Seo’s childhood and her fighting against traditionally feminine clothes.

That's why I've always enjoyed dating sims and eroge, as the weird narrative backflips they employ are sometimes surprisingly touching, other times borderline absurd, yet always fascinating.

When well-done, they hint at the intimacy games can create that other media can't reproduce.

Interesting experiences often require alternative game forms, and the dating sim in particular is a fascinating bird.

Since the gameplay is all about hooking up - whether gauzy romance, sexual conquest or something in between - the challenge to the designer is creating a framework that make the characters and scenarios meaningful and plausible.

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