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A source said: "Cher and Zain are very much an item. Cher goes for bad boys and Zain very much fits the bill."They're the sort of people who would have gone for each other at home.

Things got a bit raucous in the house last week and they ended up kissing in front of a number of the other contestants."The source added that Cowell will turn a blind eye "as long as it's only a cheeky snog".

However, despite being one of s "old, married, boring" presenting team that hasn't stopped her, Jesse Mulligan and Jeremy Corbett from throwing themselves into a week-long investigation into the New Zealand dating scene.

As well as hosting a singles' night on Wednesday, the show is also looking into the experiences of people who identify as transgender, are into polyamorous relationships, have a genetic condition or religious restrictions.

I think she would have been quite embarrassed, though on the bright side, I expect she woke up and didn't remember a minute of it."Mulligan believes TV and movies have a lot to answer for when it comes to dating."Almost every story we see is about a white man meeting a white girl, and falling in love, and some obstacles along the way.

The much more interesting stories are the ones where it's not that straightforward.

I ended up propping her up at a table for a couple of hours, then basically carrying her home.And the first ones we've told are exactly that."We had a person on Tuesday night who was trans, who was saying that being trans was only about 1 per cent of his personality, and the other 99 per cent was normal stuff.And so doing these stories reminds people that these are normal people, going through all the same sort of stuff as we are, and they don't sit at home on the couch thinking, 'I am trans, what am I going to do next', they're just getting on with life the way the rest of us are.And, I also think by the way that people in relationships are poorly served in TV and movies, the stories are always about people getting together but noone shows you like 20 years into a marriage, which is what most of us are dealing with."We were really interested in telling some stories that hadn't been told before or hadn't been told enough.

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