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Hi i have a nokia lumia phone powered by microsoft windows. With your FB chat ON and status AVAILABLE, go to settings and play with the advanced tab in the battery saver options. Try setting the first option and check ur FB chat, if not connected set the next and continue doing this for at least 2 to 3 cycles and see if that fixes it.

Firefox displays a warning at the top of the Web page when Facebook attempts to refresh and you can select to allow or disallow the site to do so.therefore facebook cannot assume you are inactive until after 20 minutes of not replying to anybody in your chat and that is the time when the time stamp is initiated.Also the green dot means they were absolutely signed into chat and messaging someone at some point.If it says active 17h ago, does that mean that person was active... On FB Messenger, what does the timestamp and ' Active' mean in New Message?If it says active 17h ago, does that mean that person was active sending messages in Messenger, or if it means it was the last time they checked their Facebook?

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The refresh is initiated by a meta refresh HTML tag embedded in the page source code, so you can't stop Facebook from attempting to refresh the page.

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