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It's wonderful news.' Hairdresser Tina Singh, pictured, said she saw great grandmother Sheila Mc Ginty 'at the last minute' before a fatal crash in Greater Manchester last year and denies causing death by careless driving.

Police in the West Midlands slapped a Skoda driver with a parking fine after the motorist parked on a stranger's driveway.

Ms Monro said: 'What my father did was beyond incredible.’ IT expert Bob Innes (left), 50, helped police catch one man who was allegedly plotting a hit on his former girlfriend - and another who requested a hit on three people.

The Honourable Mr Justice Green, sentencing Searle to a minimum of 14 years told him: 'Your actions have cause devastating waves of pain and anguish to crash through your entire family.' Searle, who had been married for 45 years, looked straight ahead and showed no reaction as his fate was read out.

Searle, who had been married for 45 years for her murdered his wife, looked straight ahead and showed no reaction as he was jailed.

Other drivers were ticketed for speeding, leaving their car in a dangerous position or causing an obstruction in Moor Green Lane.

Officers revealed on Twitter the catalogue of bad parking they were dealing with.

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