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Computer networks with email systems pre-dated the Internet, but their use only became wide-spread in combination with the Internet and the World Wide Web. Some of the earliest online communities grew up around "bulletin board systems." "Message board" systems that were centers of social interaction in Bulletin board systems evolved into Internet forums.Some internet forums are email-based mailing lists (example) while others function independent of email or use a mixture of email and non-email-based methods for adding "posts" to the "community discussion" (example).During the past 15 years, increasing numbers of people have obtained access to computer technology and the Internet.Internet data traffic passed voice data traffic at about the turn of the century and Web traffic now greatly surpasses voice data transfer.At about the same time, home internet access reached about 50% of homes in the USA.In this century, use of high-speed internet connections has increased rapidly with over 50 million U. residential broadband connections achieved in 2006. The emergence of smartphone technology is still changing the landscape of access to the Web, as people can easily carry Internet ready devices with them at all times.It is a collection of technologies, business strategies, and social trends.

This holds true whether you are interested in self-paced independent study or using this course as a guide to teach others.The first widely used type of software that allowed computer users to upload files to servers was software that allowed users to make use of computer programming languages running on mainframe computers.One of the first types of nonprogramming-related software that allowed users of computer networks to upload content of their own design was email software.[5] As of January 2014, Pew Research Center reports that: Web 2.0 is characterized by software that supports easy Web content creation in the form of blogs, wikis, digital media uploading websites, and new types of online social networking websites.Software advances make it easier for more people to participate as Web content creators.

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These facilitating technologies include advances at the level of the computer hardware available to most people and at the level of software that makes it easier for people to create Web content.

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