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No slight confusion occurs in the minds of beginners from the different sense in which different authors have sometimes employed the same word ; and also from the identity in meaning which they have attached to different words. A Linnean group of certain Monocotyledones, furnished with a spathe, SPATHA'CEUS(from SPATHA a scathe). SPHMREN'CHYMA (atpaipa a sphere, tyxvpo Q succulent; or else x£vpa something spread out). Carrying on their labours independently, and finding it necessary to give expression to some newly observed fact, authors have done this in ignorance that another observer may be doing the same thing at the same time, or may have done it before. Either furnished with a spathe, and more especially if it is large; or, having the general appearance of a spathe. SPERMAPO'DIUM, SPERMAPODOPH'ORUM ((TTTtppa seed, TTOVQ a foot, (pepixx to bear). SPERMATI'DIVM, SPERMA'TIVM ( SP1 177 Synonyme for Achenium. The skin or integument of a seed, formed by the union of the several coats which invested the embryo in its earlier stages. Cellular tissue in which the separate vesicles are more or less spherical. ABIE'TINUS, (ABIES spruce-fir) used for designating certain cryptogainic plants which grow on evergreen trees. Thus, in those varieties of the two genera, ANTIRRHINUM and LIN ARIA, which are termed PELORIA, (i. monstrous) a fifth stamen is developed, and the corolla becomes regular, fig. ^JB CAHTHOCAR'PUS (aicav Sra ACE 3 a thorn, Kapirbgfruit) where a fruit is furnished with spines. ABNOR'MAL, O£ from, NORM A law) deviating from regularity, natural condition, or more usual structure of other allied species. ABORIGINAL, (AB from, ORIGO a beginning) plants which appear to be the spontaneous production of any country. ACANTHOCLA'DUS (tiicav Sra a thorn, KXCLSOQ a branch) WA^re the branches are furnished with spines. And assuredly the labours of systematic botanists, in the present state of our science, are those most needed, and will be so for some time to come, or there will be no steady progress for Botany. SORDIDIS'SIMUS, when the grey greatly predominates, SORE*DIUM, SORE'UMA (po Q a heap). The truly scientific systematist is far from avoiding the investigations of the vegetable anatomist and physiologist. A patch of Propa* gula (otherwise termed Gonidiaj which have burst through the surface of the thallus of Lichens.

A Dictionary of Botanical Terms John Stevens Hensl ow C A M B r I D G e U n I v e r SI T y P r e S S Cambridge, new york, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, São Paolo, Delhi, Dubai, Tokyo Published in the United States of America by Cambridge University Press, new york on this title: © in this compilation Cambridge University Press 2009 This edition first published 1856 This digitally printed version 2009 ISBn 978-1-108-00131-1 Paperback This book reproduces the text of the original edition. The names of the Natural Orders are also given, and these are referred to their Classes. Cambridge Library Co LLe Ction Books of enduring scholarly value Darwin Two hundred years after his birth and 150 years after the publication of ‘On the Origin of Species’, Charles Darwin and his theories are still the focus of worldwide attention. This series offers not only works by Darwin, but also the writings of his mentors in Cambridge and elsewhere, and a survey of the impassioned scientific, philosophical and theological debates sparked by his ‘dangerous idea’. The files are processed to give a consistently clear, crisp image, and the books finished to the high quality standard for which the Press is recognised around the world. It contains a copious list of the Latin and English terms which have been used by various Botanical Authors, the former distinguished by Italic Capitals, the latter by Eoman Capitals. SPINE, A stiff sharp-pointed process, containing some portions of woody tissue, and originating in the degeneracy or modification of some organ; as of a branch, leaf, stipule, &c. The latest print-on-demand technology ensures that the books will remain available indefinitely, and that orders for single or multiple copies can quickly be supplied. A., PROFESSOR OF BOTANY IN THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. The Greek or Latin derivatives are in brackets, immediately after the terms.

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^ (from the Greek a) in composition, signifies privation, or absence of the object expressed. If the word to which it is prefixed begin with a vowel, it is softened into AN; thus, ANANTHUS, flowerless. ACA from, ORJOR to rise, to be born) the suppression or absence of an organ, arising from its non-development. ACALYCA'LIS,(CI without, icakv Z a calyx) where the stamens contract no adhesion with the calyx. A natural order, of which the most usual and prominent characteristics are, an irregular two-lipped corolla, much resembling that of some Labiatae; with the stamens didynamous, but generally reduced to two, by the total or partial abortion of one pair.

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