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If it shows how each character meets his maker, a Deadly Distant Finale. If it happens while the credits are rolling, it might be Creative Closing Credits.

Want to make sure everyone knows exactly how bad your badass is? You'll certainly never see "The Baker" or "The Candlestick Maker" used this way, we guarantee.The Oscars celebrated a record-breaking year for inclusion and diversity, honoring its oldest-ever winner, its first black screenwriter and ushering in a new post-Weinstein era with the returns of Annabella Sciorra, Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek and Mira Sorvino, among other #Me Too pioneers.At the same time, Ryan Seacrest was awkwardly perched atop the red carpet seeking interviews even as details of his alleged sexual misconduct had just surfaced.Due to the many negative connotations of the word, it's no surprise that many butchers prefer to go by "meat cutter." The stigma against butchery is largely unfair to professional meat cutters, who usually don't slaughter anything to begin.Their job tends to consider of chopping large hunks of meat (sometimes directly from animal carcasses) into smaller cuts of meat, with an emphasis on precise knife strokes and good presentation.

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Sub-Trope of The Magnificent, and of Names to Run Away from Really Fast.

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  1. However, we should be reminded that many of these things are luxuries, not necessities, even though media and peer pressure would have us believe otherwise. I hear about more people arriving late because they took the “GPS directions” than I hear success stories. If you are concerned with safety while traveling, consider a prepaid phone and keep it charged.

  2. (4), Chapter End, Cave Battle, Castle, Battle (2), Ancient Castle - Witch of the Mystery Forest, What, Town (3), Title Screen, The Elven Town (4), Shrine (2), Save, Sad Join, Sad 2, Sad 1, Revival (Extended), Revival, Promotion, Prologue, Overworld (2), Mountain Battle, Mitula's Shrine, Join, Item, Headquarters, Epilogue, Dwarf's Tunnel (2), Discontinue, Death, Darkness Battle, Cursed, Cure, Credits, Castle (2), After the End - Zozo - "Slam Shuffle" (7), Veldt - "Wild West" (4), Under Martial Law (3), Umaro (2), Troops March On (3), The Wedding Waltz #3, The Unforgiven (4), The Snake Path (2), The Prelude (5), The Mystic Forest (5), The Fierce Battle (7), The Empire "Gestahl" (2), The Decisive Battle (8), The Day After (5), Thamasa - "Strago" (3), Terra (13), Techno de Chocobo (3), Spinach Rag (4), Sleep, Shadow (8), Setzer (5), Searching For Friends (9), Save Them (4), Returners (2), Rest in Peace (2), Relm (5), Overture #3, Overture #2, Overture #1, Opera House - Opening, Opera House - "The Wedding Waltz" (3), Opera House - "The Wedding Waltz" (2), Opera House - "Grand Finale?