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After installing plugin successfully i can able to access tha application from

How can i install the plug-in for App Srv2 to access my another application called "SAMPLE2" which is running on App Srv2's server1.

The following non-SSH based connectors are available: local This connector can be used to deploy the playbook to the control machine itself.

docker This connector deploys the playbook directly into Docker containers using the local Docker client.

Ports listed in your SSH config file won’t be used with the In the above example, trying to ansible against the host alias “jumper” (which may not even be a real hostname) will contact on port 5555.

Note that this is using a feature of the inventory file to define some special variables.

Variable precedence is detailed in a later chapter.

If you have hosts that run on non-standard SSH ports you can put the port number after the hostname with a colon.

As far as I know one install of IHS can support one profile of Web Sphere. You can have one IHS server that does request round-robin (load balancing) between two WAS Web Server(App Server) that are part of one cluster.

Not only is this inventory configurable, but you can also use multiple inventory files at the same time and pull inventory from dynamic or cloud sources or different formats (YAML, ini, etc), as described in It is ok to put systems in more than one group, for instance a server could be both a webserver and a dbserver.

If you do, note that variables will come from all of the groups they are a member of.

This keeps Ansible focused on the Host and Task, so groups don’t really survive outside of inventory and host matching.

By default, Ansible overwrites variables including the ones defined for a group and/or host (see the When groups of the same parent/child level are merged, it is done alphabetically, and the last group loaded overwrites the previous groups.

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