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Baby Barbie loves art and especially face painting. The pony used to be a pretty one but now it looks quite messy. This Equestria Girl is a loyal friend who is always looking out for the best interest of the rainbooms. Plays beside the little ponies, and help to them to decorate the living room of their house for the Christmas season, with many ornaments and parts as traditional Christmas lights, Christmas trees,... Create a completely unique pony with cool or cute tails and hair, or recreate an existing pony from the popular show, "My little Pony". This lovely pony could use a nice shower to clean herself up!It's her favorite types of amazing art and she would love to try a new style. The pony is badly wounded while it was playing with other ponies. Help this dirty pony get cleaned up for her very first prom! Once you're done with showering her and making her a clean pony again, you can dress her and her owner up and give them a total make-ov... Looks like Twilight got into some dirt while she was practicing her magic in the woods.Fluttershy is on tour with her band, and she's getting ready to perform for the largest audience that she and her bandmates have ever seen.The pressure to look like a rockstar is making Fluttersh...They watched horror movies, drank and ate a lot of tasty food and played fun games. Three of the most popular Equestria Girls attending the classes at the famous Caterlot High are getting ready to dress the long, black robe and hit the stage f...Now Twilight Sparkle s room is very messy and she ... Twilight Sparkle is addicted to tasty things and sweets especially.Next it is time to decorate the prom dancing room and ...

This morning, while you were sleeping, your precious pet pony decided to leave the barn and have some fun in the mud.

Unfortunately, Sarah's grumpy Aunt has a long list of chores for Sarah to do...

Any time DJ Pon-3 is mixing records for a party, the tickets are sure to sell out.

All your favorite friends from My Little Pony are organizing a fun rock concert, so get tickets for a fabulous time with good music. She's invited you over to help style her for her performance! Dress her up for a day flying around the skies of Pon...

What is more, you can choose how to mix their songs and record t... Twilight is taking her turn signing center stage for the Rainbooms!

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