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Visitors are also drawn to Los Angeles for its Mediterranean climate and numerous beaches, which gave birth to California's famed surf culture.

California's most populous city and the second most populous city in the United States (after New York City), Los Angeles is spread across a broad basin in Southern California surrounded by vast forested mountain ranges, valleys, the Pacific Ocean, and nearby desert.

After decades of underinvestment, the city's public transit system has seen massive expansion and improvement bolstered by popular support for several countywide ballot measures to fund new construction.

Westside The affluent area of Los Angeles made famous by television and movies, where the elite of the entertainment industry reside.Most of the city sits in a broad basin that stretches from Santa Monica along the shoreline across the southern portion of the county and into Orange County. On the other side of these hills are two heavily developed valleys, the San Fernando Valley to the northwest of Central L. and the San Gabriel to the east, which today are filled with suburban neighborhoods.The basin is the most intensely developed part of the region, with a strong grid pattern of streets and freeways that's evident from the air. North of the valleys are the steep San Gabriel Mountains, which reach a high enough elevation that their peaks are sometimes coated with snow in the winter. Prior to European contact, the Los Angeles basin was occupied by the native Tongva people, a set of hunter-gatherer tribes that were spread across much of Southern California.The discovery of oil in the basin and the completion of an aqueduct to provide a steady supply of water only accelerated the city's growth. Griffith was the first to film a motion picture in the city, heralding the arrival of Hollywood.Filmmakers began arriving in the 1900s, lured by the area's climate and varied scenery, but also to flee Thomas Edison's litigious motion picture company, whose patents weren't enforced in the west. Soon, the vast majority of the world's film industry was concentrated in Los Angeles, making the city known throughout the world.

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Nearby are the studios, shops, and entertainment of the Fairfax District.

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