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Then Amanda Wooten narrowly grabbed the lead with a 9.41 second run.In her second attempt, Kelly wowed the crowd with a 9-flat.

Nobody came out of this event a bigger winner than Claire Buhrfeind.

It was remarkable that she won both the Sport and Speed disciplines—both as an achievement by itself, and an indicator of her prowess in the discipline-combining format of the upcoming Olympics.

Note that Buhrfeind also barely missed the podium at 2018 Bouldering Nationals.

While all three women are worthy of individual praise, it’s that triangle-rivalry between Kelly, Wooten, and Buhrfeind that showcased what makes speed climbing so appealing to general spectators: it’s fast, it’s neck-and-neck, and the results are clear-cut.

I’m excited to see how this trifecta progresses in the coming year, with each woman training and getting faster still.

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