Sedating antihistamine

Symptomatic measures, such as increasing fluids, making sure children get enough rest and reducing the spread of the virus (including regular hand washing) should be practiced.

For children requiring antihistamines for allergies, a non-sedating antihistamine such as loratadine or cetirizine is preferred.

I can't tell if the sedative properties of certain antihistamines results from their H1 antagonism or if it's because of their cross effect with antagonizing the adrenergic receptors.

Are all H1 antagonists innately sedating or is it just the first generation ones?

Quetiapine - antagonist at the following receptors: α1-adrenergic (IC50 = 94n M) α2-adrenergic (IC50 = 271n M) D1 (IC50 = 1268n M) D2 (IC50 = 329n M) D3 (unspecified) D4 (unspecified) H1 (IC50 = 30n M) 5-HT1A (IC50 = 717n M) 5-HT2A (IC50 = 148n M) 5-HT2C (unspecified) 5-HT7 (unspecified) m ACh receptor (IC50 = 5000n M) antagonist Mirtazepine - antagonist at the following receptors: α1-adrenergic (Ki = 608 n M? I have tried diphenhydramine, promethazine, and seroquel.

Even seroquel at tolerance-level dosing gave me very uncomfortable nightmarish RLS/insomnial hellacious torture that I would never wish to endure ever again.

This reminder follows a report received by the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) concerning a three-year-old child who was given chlorphenamine for a lower respiratory tract infection and experienced a serious neurological disorder.

Fortunately, the child eventually recovered without any on-going ill-effects.

--------- Yes, you're assuming that sedation only comes from H1 antagonism.

Lets compare Diphenhydramine and Quetiapine for instance.

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