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She is the type who will have a one night stand with you and be gone in the morning. Most of these women are already taken and not interested in anything but having a good time, so our Beverly Hills matchmaking experts advise you to save your efforts. The Groups This is a group of girls; some come in pairs and other groups are bigger.Our Beverly Hill matchmaking experts know that if you are looking for a serious relationship, you need to stay clear of this one. The Tease The tease type can look like any woman, but she is only there to have fun. This woman will reel you in and lead you to believe that things are going somewhere, then she’ll lose her interest in you. They come into the club looking for prospects that could fit their dating criteria.

She knows how to dress and has the looks like she just walked off a runway.If you still believe us and want to head out again this week, check out this list of the top characters you can expect to meet when hitting the downtown bars and clubs. Everyone in the place knows this one is intoxicated. The Desperate One The desperate woman is a regular at the bar.She could be looking for a real partner or just looking for attention.Call for more information on how to sign up for their upcoming events.The Singles is celebrating 10 years as the largest, full-service singles company in NJ!

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