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His face instantly looked relieved; he looked like he had just escaped the gallows.Now she was intrigued- an interesting idea crossed her mind and she was always one ready to follow an interesting idea.“I was thinking of you, Miss Marsh,” he whispered and gulped back a sob.As she looked at him trying not to cry she suddenly felt sorry for this young boy. ” she cursed under her breath as she looked at the clock.The clock showed it was pm, and the persistent ringing at her doorbell wouldn’t stop.

Her soft, warm hand surprised him- not in a million years could he have imagined this fiasco going in the direction it seemed to be going.

“What were you thinking about as you played with your cock on my couch?

” she asked with a malicious little smile on her lips. “Please, please just don’t tell my parents- they’d kill me,” he pleaded, “I’m so sorry for what I did.” “You haven’t answered my question- were you thinking of me?

Boys at that age were very prone to pulling practical jokes and she was definitely not in the mood to be the punch line of a joke in the middle of the night. “I’m so sorry, Miss Marsh, but I got myself locked out of the flat as I was showing a friend out and my folks won’t be home until tomorrow night and you are the only neighbor on our floor…” His words slowly petered out as he looked at her distrustful gaze.

She opened the door a crack, not letting the chain off the latch. She looked at him hard for a few more seconds and then closed the door.

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