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But if you want to be in the driver’s seat, and have them help you find the peanut butter to your jelly?Well, the price tag to be a premium member is a little steeper. If it’s not Abraham Lincoln in Ryan Gosling’s body, I’d be disappointed.This may sound clinical, but it’s no different from a workplace using a staffing service to find the perfect person to work in their community versus posting a help wanted ad on Craigslist." For those who feel burnt out on the dating scene, this personal touch is a relief in a sea of vapid Tinder dates.You’re essentially paying someone to care about your dating life -- and, by extension, about you.Kaplan credits this reluctance to wade out of one’s social circle as the biggest obstacle to finding someone."There are lots of great singles in Fairmount, but you're not going to find them when you're in South Philly."I mean, it's the fifth-largest city in the United States." Kaplan’s also aware that while online dating has lost most of its stigma in society, matchmaking is still a very taboo concept. We've made it our full-time job to vet potential matches and send clients only the people that make sense." In fact, she touts this vetting process as her strongest selling point.

"Everyone thinks they know everyone in Philly and it's not true," she says, laughing. See how much time you have left for other things in your life.

Or this person has really different political views." Erika’s job is to make sure that disconnect doesn’t happen. "The online dating world has become very challenging in many ways -- from general misrepresentation, to different goals (dating versus DTF, etc.), to the time it takes up to overlap occurring in real-life social circles," she says.

"It may be that people want to regain the time and effort they would spend sifting through profiles by simply paying someone to do the vetting for them.

Boasting partnerships with all the major online dating behemoths --, Ok Cupid, JDate, and Christian Mingle, to name a few -- TDR promises to weed out any duds on your behalf to pair you with high-quality matches.

After taking a three-minute quiz, they set you up you with one of their matchmakers, all gorgeous women with impeccable hair.

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