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Beyond these marriage-related SSI benefit and asset restrictions, eligibility for SSI in most states means eligibility for Medicaid.

Medicaid covers services not covered by other health insurance plans such as a personal care aid, certain durable medical equipment, medications, and transportation to medical appointments.

Having a pre-existing condition and high medical bills, the only way to receive the care I need is through Medicaid, and it is the same for many with permanent disabilities.

I had a girlfriend a few years ago and it didn't work out, but I wonder about the future if I meet someone again.

Some believe the only way to be with the one they love is through marriage.

If you believe people with disabilities should be able to get married, please go to my Web site ( Voice to learn more about the Medicaid Marriage Penalty (you can find it under "Advocacy"), and sign the online petition.

Because of my mental illness, I am limited to part-time work.

It is not my fault that I have my mental illness, and I have to struggle financially as it is because of not being able to work full time.

I want to share with you how marriage penalties are affecting real people, and why we want them changed, by sharing the perspectives of two other self-advocates: Timothy and Kurtlyn.It is not anyone's fault that they're disabled, and therefore they should not be treated as such.Some disabilities have tremendous care involved, which can be financially straining.If I were to get married, I would not want to be a financial burden on my husband because I lost my Social Security.It is hard enough now as it is with me supporting myself.

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People with disabilities fall in love, and have the same beliefs as those without disabilities when it comes to making the commitment to spend the rest of their lives with someone.

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