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These beads, the majority of which were formed from mammoth ivory, were shaped, painted, and detailed in countless extraordinary ways. Amidst the almost countless number of beads present, there is also artifacts that indicate a sort of wooden spear may have present alongside the massive ivory spear that can be seen above the two skeletons.Surely these three were of the same social group, perhaps even the same family.According to this excerpt collected by Don Hitchcock, a well-traveled seeker of Archaeological knowledge: "Under the guidance of renowned archaeologist Otto Nikolaevich Bader (Institute of Archaeology of the USSR), for 20 years field and desk work was carried out.

Another commonly found element in most of the burial sites was that of the presence of red ochre.

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The body was so well- preserved that the food which she ate before sacrifice was inside her stomach still under digestion process. Also read : Charlie Chaplin's astounding facts.

) headless adult (S4) and an adult female skull (S5).

The two adolescents and the adult male were buried in two shallow graves three metres apart, dug into the permafrost beneath the living surface of the site.

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