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Located in Ragley, the landscaped eastern side of the interchange doubles as a recreational area known as Purple Heart Memorial Park, echoing the official designation of US 171 as the Purple Heart Highway.US 171 proceeds due north from Ragley co-signed with US 190 through the community of Longville, located at the eastern terminus of LA 110, and enters the outskirts of De Ridder.The Mc Neill pumping station is a turn-of-the-century (the LAST century, that is) water works that was when its steam engines were finally retired in 1980.

The first, LA 394 leads to a recreational area on Bundick Lake.Initially traveling along 1st Street with a center turning lane, the route divides into a one-way pair as westbound traffic transitions onto Mahlon Street.The highway then crosses the Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS) line into the downtown area, where it passes several historic buildings over the next few blocks.These include the Beauregard Parish Courthouse and an infamous Gothic structure known as the Hanging jail.US 171 ends its concurrency with US 190 by turning north onto Pine Street, an undivided four-lane thoroughfare.

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Traveling about 2.0 miles (3.2 km) east of the downtown area, US 171 continues the route of LA 14 northward along Martin Luther King Highway, initially as a divided four-lane highway.

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