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Sarah Chalke portrays Elliot Reid, another intern and later private-practice physician. At Sacred Heart, Elliot begins as an intern and later becomes a resident after a grueling yearlong internship. At the end of the episode "My Coffee," she accepts an offer to go into private practice, allowing her to receive double the pay, still work at Sacred Heart, and never have to deal with superiors Dr. Carla does not appear in Season 9 but is mentioned a few times by Turk.

Carla starts dating Turk (Faison) in the show's second episode, "My Mentor." They remain together for almost the entire run of the show. After couples' therapy and some frank discussions with each other and J.

in college and medical school, and the two have an extremely close relationship, described in the Season 6 episode "My Musical" as "guy love." He is married to Carla Espinosa. Mc Ginley, to return for Season 9 as a regular cast member. considers Cox his mentor despite the fact that Cox routinely criticizes and belittles him.

claims that Turk got his middle name from his father's love of donuts. "dramatic slow running"; pretending to be a "multiethnic Siamese doctor"; and pretending to be the "world's most giant doctor." They own a stuffed yellow Labrador retriever named Rowdy, which they treat like a live dog. Donald Faison was the only original cast member, besides John C.

HSK Exclusive – An insider is making shocking allegations that reality television personality, Marlo Patrice Hampton’s sugar daddy was the infamous media mogul Ted Turner.

He did not appear in the last episode of the series, titled "Our Thanks," and no mention was made of him. In "My Friend the Doctor," he shows off by slam-dunking a basketball, but injures his back when he lands, a reminder that he is middle-aged. His parents were an absent or abusive mother and an alcoholic, abusive father, which may have sculpted his personality and poor social skills.

Later on, she starts to accept Cole and admits to her class that she loves him.

Toward the end of Season 8, he realizes he misses being a doctor.

In Season 9, he returns to Sacred Heart as a professor. Cox, Sacred Heart's chief attending physician, who eventually replaces him as chief of medicine. that the day after he left Sacred Heart, the Janitor asked when J. was returning, either oblivious to, or in denial of, J. nicknamed her Jo in "My Jerks," because she reminded him of "that streetwise mannish girl" on The Facts of Life.

Throughout the series, she often goes out of her way to seek acceptance, baking cupcakes, sharing class notes, and trying to bond with fellow students.

When Cole wants to become a surgeon, he tears up 17 of Lucy's cuddly horses and tries to re-assemble them.

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