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Only after i got a decant of git i saw the dry down of git is very natural and not synthetic like tres nuit . Coolwater is a more blue, aquatic, synthetic smelling fragrance, wheras GIT smells way more complex, green, and classy with that unmistakable Creed signature ambergris dry down. In my opinion there is just something superior with Green Irish Tweed, likely due to the better quality ingredients, but they are nearly identical IMO.Opening of tres nuit is beautiful but less sharp than git but dry down of tres nuit is nothing like git . There is just a sort of higher level smoothness to it, that is special and the reason it's still one of the world's very best fragrances after all this time, and why I give the edge to it over Tres Nuit.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to wait for the drydown.

I kind of see it, but honestly GIT would be the much older, much cooler and fresher half-brother of Viking.

(I own and like both so, not trying to diss Viking at all, they're a little bit similar but also very different.) Anyway, long story short, sometimes nozzle-sniffing isn't enough, you actually have to spray it on the skin. I love Green Irish Tweed: if you apply too much it can start off a little harsh but will soon open up into fresh green notes - it reminds me of home, walking in the raw Irish countryside and of freshly cut grass.

9.5/10, as I only deduct half a point for the fact that there is a clone such as Tres Nuit that is so close and MUCH cheaper, like a 10th of the price. All in all, though, it's a beautiful scent that is truly elite and one that everyone should own at least once in their lifetime. I wore this quite a lot during my office working days and the women loved it! Unlike the complexity of the modern scents that have bombarded todays market, Green Irish Tweed is more refined.

That's not to say that it's old-fashioned, far from it! I would get another bottle but it's hard to find nowadays. Green Irish Tweed is simple, clean and balanced, finding a rarefied elegance in all aspects.

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This is not the case both are different fragrances, with GIT the much better one.

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