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I strongly recommend that you refer to the Tweak Guides Tweaking Companion for Windows Vista for more information - in particular check the 'Gaming in Vista' section of the Graphics & Interface chapter; the UAC section of the PC Security chapter; and the 'Personal Folders' and 'Directory Junctions & Symbolic Links' sections of the Windows Explorer chapter.These will tell you how you can fix game-related issues and also explain the relevant differences of Vista.While this is frustrating, the only things you can do are firstly check the file (See Official Support above) for a list of ports to open if you're using a third party firewall, secondly make sure that you've installed the latest patch (See page 4 for details), thirdly be absolutely sure you've disabled all background programs (See further below for details), especially messaging/IRC/P2P or any other programs which share your connection with BF2142, and fourthly check the Punk Buster information further below.EA Games are well aware of this problem since the demo was released and are trying to eradicate it with each patch - the main cause is usually problems with the game's master server which means most of the time it's out of our control.

Aside from the DX9 issue above, the main reason for this is either incompatible hardware (make sure you meet all the minimum specs, especially the graphics card requirements - see Official Support above), or more usually the fact that you're not running at the default Windows XP Refresh Rate of 60Hz.

This section contains specific troubleshooting tips which address many of the common problems experienced by Battlefield 2142 players.

I can't stress enough the importance of taking the time to go through the checklist of advice below if you're having a problem with the game.

Finally, if nothing else works you can try deleting your user profiles, though this obviously removes all the customizations you've made.

To do this, delete all the files/folders under the \Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\Battlefield 2142\Profiles\ directory and restart the game.

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Official Support: The first place to look for official support details is in the file in your \Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\Support directory.

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