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Had we actually decided to watch that Batman movie, we would have been shown its price and availability in all of the services and apps available to Xbox Live.

The natural, intuitive controls are very much built off of experiences we're already familiar with, and feels accordingly comfortable.

Sure, you can still navigate the new Dash with the standard Xbox 360 controller, but there's over 10 million Kinect owners out there just all over this new interface.

Lucky for them, Microsoft seems to have kicked the Kinect hub out of its exclusive little corner and made it play nice with the rest of the Dashboard: gesture controls now work almost entirely across the board.

Still, what we did see was accurate and responsive -- so much so that when Terry casually mentioned that one of the items on the home screen was "open tray," it did.

On second thought, maybe it listens a little The problem with early developer builds is they are occasionally incomplete.

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